About the Project

One of the prominent personalities who has attributed in giving an important position to India in the map of world literature is Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaroa. Not only in Assam, but Lakshminath Bezbaroa is a renowned and much revered literary figure in the entire India. Though he let the ink flow through his invaluable pen incessantly due to the demand of his times, his writings not only enriched Assamese literature, but also gave it the much needed inspiration and strength to stand alongside the contemporary literature of those times. But the vast creation of Bezbaroa has remained confined in the constraints of books and essays. His creations are yet to reach today's youth in a form which is appropriate to the present times and to the mindset of the current generation. Keeping this aspect in mind, his precious works have been compiled in the website sahityarathi.com with the aim to index all his creations in a single location. The ultimate wish of this mammoth non-commercial project is to digitize each and every work of Bezbaroa. To be completed in phases, the entire project of digitization of the works of Lakshminath Bezbaroa will be completed in next two years. On the one hundred and fiftieth birth anniversary of late Bezbaroa, this project will be a humble tribute from Enajori.com to the legend.

Please Note: We have not edited any of the literary creations of the great writer in this project. The writings have been included in this project in exactly the same form (spellings, compound letter etc) in which late Bezbaroa had written them. All our esteemed readers are requested to keep this aspect in mind while going through the contents in the website.