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        QC Solar(Suzhou)Corporation Testing Lab Achieved CNAS Certificate
        Column:Company News Time:2012-11-02

        In Sep. 2012 QC Solar(Suzhou)Corporation got the National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate from CNAS. QC Solar(Suzhou)Corporation Testing Laboratory is compliant with the ISO/IEC17025:2005 (CNAS-CL01:2006) and has become the first corporate Photovoltaic connector and Photovoltaic junction box laboratory authorized by CNAS in China.

        Mr. Duan Zhenggang, the Chairman and ECO of QC Solar(Suzhou)Corporation said that quality is the basis for a company to grow up and QC Solar(Suzhou)Corporation takes quality as our foundation all along its development and never stops creating and transcending ourselves. QC Solar has started planning and building its Testing Laboratory which complies with ISO/IEC17025:2005 since 2009 and built the best hardware and software analysis system in this field. In order to make sure the testing result is professional and consistent, QC Solar recruited lots of laboratory management and testing stuffs from professional laboratories. By persistent trial run ISO/IEC17025:2005 system, QC Solar improved its testing capability to make the products safer, the quality more stable, the operation more efficient. QC Solar was evaluated by the CNAS expert group in Jun. 2012 and was awarded with the certificate in Sep. 2012.

        QC Solar Testing Laboratory is one of the most professional Photovoltaic connector and Photovoltaic junction box laboratories in China. Its foundation means that QC Solar has the leading management and testing ability which makes sure the testing data is accurate, reliable and fair. Meantime, QC Solar expands cooperation with some famous international certification authorities, such as UL,CSA,TUV,VDE, ect. to make sure QC Solar provides the best products to every client.

        QC Solar’s Photovoltaic connector and Photovoltaic junction box have achieved EN50521, EN50548, DIN VDE0126-52005, UL1703, UL3703, UL6703, UL1741 safety authorities. QC Solar was recognized as National High-tech Enterprises, Jiangsu PV Modules Performance Management Engineering Technology Research Center, Suzhou PV tech Application System Engineering Technology Research Center, and Suzhou enterpriseTechnology Center. QC Solar has made 161 patents of intellectual property rights and takes several researching projects like the NDRC and the World Bank Renewable Energy Development Projects. QC Solar is trying to build a leading brand in making high-end solar photovoltaic connection controller inChina.

        Currently, QC Solar Testing Laboratory has continuously got the jobs from several module manufactures and some others related companies or testing institutions, and built a stable cooperation with some national or international famous PV module manufactures. QC Solar will devote to providing remarkable service to global PV enterprises and best solution to connect the products with PV connectors and develop more reliable and qualified auto PV junction boxes and connector related products. All QC Solar staffs will focus on providing the best products and service for the development of Photovoltaic industry.

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