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        Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation – Vanguard of the Solar Industry
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-04-18

        The solar energy is a kind of clean and renewable energy source. Development in this field will alleviate air contamination and global warming. Nowadays, the solar industry has developed into a high-tech industry which can promote the progress of other industries and the society. Ways to utilize solar energy include generating thermal energy, generating electricity and triggering chemical reaction etc., and in electricity-generated field, solar panel connectors is in its leading place in terms of production, sales, speed of development and prospects.

        Solar photovoltaic power generation is to convert solar energy directly into electricity. The basic devices include solar cells, solar charge controller, storage battery, solar cable, solar junction box, inverter etc. The cells absorb light energy, make positive charge and negative charge accumulate on cathode and anode respectively, and engender electromotive force and the light energy with that convert into electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries and will be transformed from direct current to alternating current by inverter and then will be outputted by solar cable. The solar charge controller can prevent the battery from overcharge or over discharge.

        Solar photovoltaic power generation has become an emerging industry concerned by many countries around the world for it is clean, safe, convenient and efficient in nowadays when problems like global energy shortage and environment pollution aggravate increasingly. Photovoltaic junction box will take the place of some conventional energy as the main body of the world's energy supplement in the near future.


        The photovoltaic industry develops rapidly. There are also innovative products. Experts have developed a new type of solar battery with a kind of sandwich structure. It is hollow glass with a layer of nano material, a layer of composite pellicle. The dye on pellicle acts as light-capturer and nano titanium dioxide acts as converter. Researchers also added quantum dots made by nano fluorescent material so that sunlight of different wavelength can be absorbed by the light-capturer. As the third generation solar cells, the greatest advantage of dye-sensitized cells is that its raw material is cheap and its manufacture is simple. According to calculation, the cost of dye-sensitized cells is only 1/10 of the silicon panels, and it doesn't have very high demand of lighting condition, the photoelectric conversion efficiency will not be reduced by too mach, even when the sunlight is not very sufficient. In addition, it also has many interesting applications, for example, it can be made into a display which can be luminous at the same time generate electricity, and then it will realize self-efficiency in energy.

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