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        Use and Installation Method of the Photovoltaic System
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-04-23

        Using the fossil fuels for energy supply is major cause of atmospheric environmental pollution. It is very important to develop renewable energies, such as hydraulic power, wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, fuel cell, ocean energy, etc. which play major roles in the economic development of the society. The solar junction box can convert the solar luminous energy into electric power, and the technology has matured. The solar energy photovoltaic system that uses the solar cable and the solar junction box has the advantages of no harmful gas emissions, no greenhouse effect, no noise, reliability, long service life, etc. The solar energy is also a clean and renewable energy. The photovoltaic system has the function of providing power for the urban and rural houses, desert regions and industry. The photovoltaic system, the wind power system and the miniature turbine electricity generation system can form a off-network distributed power system used in the places where there is not electricity or is short of electricity.

        The electricity generation methods of using the solar energy include thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation. The photovoltaic power generation method has the working principle that the solar radiation can be directly converted into electric power through the photovoltaic effect, the method is called as solar photovoltaic power generation technology, and the method is considered to be a renewable and pollution-free power generation method. The photovoltaic power is considered to be a renewable resource which can improve people's life, does not cause pollution to the environment and is welcomed by people. The photovoltaic components are the basic components for the photovoltaic power generation, and are composed of the solar junction box, solar panel cable, solar branch, etc. These components allow the BIPV Junction Box to output the voltage and current which are high enough to meet the electricity usage requirement of people.

        BIPV Junction Box

        The installation of the photovoltaic system includes the installation of photovoltaic frames and components, the layout of the matching solar cable, the installation of the AC combiner box and DC cabinet, and the installation of the inverter. After the installation of these parts, all the electric components on the cabinet should be checked to make sure that the rated voltage, control, operation current and operation voltage are consistent. The photovoltaic junction box has high-voltage electricity, and the installation and the maintenance of the system should be carried out when the power and the system is shut down. The installation must be operated by professionals. Proper grounding techniques will improve the ability of the machine to resist all kinds of electromagnetic interference.

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