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        PV Junction Box – The leading Role in Electrical Wiring System
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-04-28

        In recent years, from industrial to domestic applications, PV junction boxes have been playing a significant role in electrical wiring systems. Although there are many kinds of junction boxes with innovative technology and attractive functions on the market, the PV junction box has beaten most of the other junction boxes and gained reputation and trust of the users. Considering the bright prospect that the photovoltaic junction box is going to achieve in the near future, it is of great importance for us to know the application status and characteristics of solar junction box.

        First of all, the PV junction box is often referring to solar PV junction box or solar junction box. It is a mechanical device that keeps modules and panels in a room to set up interconnection between them. It also prevents those wirings and electrical components from directly being exposed in the air. According to different applications, PV junction boxes are classified in four types: silicon junction box, non-silicon junction box, curtain junction box and explosion-proof junction box. An advanced type of PV junction box is the BIPV junction box; it allows the junction box become part of the building such as solar roof and solar window. It works as an actual roof while absorbing the sunlight and converting it into electrical power.

        Secondly, it is worth noting that the application of PV junction box is wider than other conventional junction boxes. Nowadays the solar energy has been considered the cleanest energy in the world, the technology of using solar energy has been improved to allow solar PV junction box to work more efficiently in a photovoltaic system. PV junction boxes are often installed in the walls or on the roofs, and they are able to resist corrosion, UV light and prevent hot mark effect, which means when some parts of the PV junction box are covered by unwanted things, the components would not be damaged or work in low efficiency.

        solar junction box

        The PV junction box has taken place of other junction boxes due to its strong competitive strength, it utilizes the clean and limitless solar energy for power supplies. The production of PV junction box involves strict examination procedure to guarantee its quality. The most powerful method of this kind of inspection is the TUL&UL, and every qualified PV junction box is supposed to have the certification of TUL&UL.

        In the end, with the increasing demand for smarter and more efficient solar junction box, it is pretty convincing that the market will be wide open to PV junction box and its advanced products in the future.

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