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        TUV & UL Junction Boxes Are the Best Options
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-05-03

        The inexhaustible solar energy is welcomed by people because it is clean, renewable and environmental protective. The solar energy is used to produce electricity by the solar system which is composed of many components including the solar panels, the solar junction box, the solar cell array, the solar charge control devices, inverter, etc. Wherein, the solar junction box plays an extremely important role in the whole solar system. As a matter of fact, the solar J-boxes are the solar PV connectors for the solar cell array and the solar charge control devices, and therefore, the PV connectors are responsible for many aspects.

        The solar junction box works in different working environments. The first factor that should be considered is the material used for manufacturing the solar junction box. The surface processing process and selection of the material are very important. It is proved that the zinc spray process used on the surface and stainless steel used as the material can protect the small parts in the box from mechanical damage. The cable in the junction box can influence the service life of the whole system. The solar panel cable in these solar PV connectors should adopt high quality materials to gain the performances of UV ray resistance, ozone resistance, temperature resistance and chemical corrosion prevention, and the features can prevent the accidents caused by decomposed cable.

        The junction box supplier harbors that idea that it is very important to choose the solar junction box with the functions of ageing resistance, ultraviolet rays resistance, adaptability in different harsh working environments, nice heat dissipation, water prevention, dust prevention, proper size, etc. These functions attach great importance to the electric safety of these solar PV connectors. The junction box should be provided by reliable and reputed junction box supplier whose solar PV connectors are printed with the marks of TUV and UL authorizations.

        The TUV authorization can be achieved from Germany and the UL authorization can be gained from America. These authorizations stand for the export right of the junction box to Germany and America. The TUV and UL authorizations give the safety certificates to the TUV&UL junction boxes which can be used safety in the solar systems or solar power stations. The TUV and UL authorizations are globally recognized as the professional approvals, and they should be achieved by the junction box supplier for their products. In a word, the TUV&UL junction boxes are the best options for the selection ofsolar junction box

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