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        Advantages and Development Prospect of BIPV
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-05-13

        Building integrated photovoltaic is a new concept of using the solar power generation. The building integrated photovoltaic is a technology which is integrated into the construction. The integration of the photovoltaic phalanx and architecture is an advanced form of BIPV Junction Box. Because of its own advantages, the building integrated photovoltaic has become the best installation way of the photovoltaic power generation system which is widely used in the city.

        Firstly, green energy: the solar photovoltaic building integration produces green energy; it generates the power by the solar energy; it will never pollute the environment. The solar energy is the cleanest and free. During the process of utilizing, it will never produce the side effect from any ecological aspect. And it is also a kind of renewable energy.

        Secondly, the photovoltaic array doesn't occupy the land. It is usually installed in the idle roof or wall; the photovoltaic array doesn't need additional land. This is especially important for city construction with expensive land; the summer is the peak season of using the power; the sunshine amount is the largest period. At the same time, generating capacity of photovoltaic junction box is also the maximum period. Therefore, BIPV can play a regulating role on the power grid.

        photovoltaic junction box

        Thirdly, it has the building energy-saving effect. Photovoltaic array absorbs the solar energy and then the solar energy is transformed into the electrical energy. This greatly reduces the outdoor comprehensive temperature and the cooling load of indoor air conditioner. Thus, developing the solar photovoltaic building integration can be "energy-saving and emission reduction.

        Fourthly, the BIPV junction box is a kind of smart junction box. The connection system of the intelligent junction box makes the solar photovoltaic panels manufacturers conveniently provide embedded security and surveillance function modules and the convenient, safe and reliable connection tools. In particular, the system of the j-boxes has interchangeable cover of a series of embedded optimization chipsets in order to provide electronic integration of different levels.

        Because of these advantages, building integrated photovoltaic has a good development prospect at home and abroad. America is the largest energy consumption country in the world. In recent years, the developed countries have made zero energy house of having a certain development level. All energy consumption needed by the construction is provided by the solar photoelectric conversion device. This is real clean and there is no pollution.

        Building integrated photovoltaic advantages make it have a good development prospect in the future.

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