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        Advantages and Disadvantages of BIPV
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-05-15

        Nowadays the shortage of the energy and increase of consciousness of environment protection make solar power generation become a more and more important technique. With the development of science and technique, it is becoming advanced gradually. Solar power generation is not only used in the area without electricity nomadic families, lighthouse, and island residents, but also in common family, internet family and business building. Many countries begin to carry out and popularize BIPV system. So the BIPV technique gains fast development in this way. BIPV is short for Building Integrated Photovoltaic. It means placing the solar power generation system into some buildings. In other words it means setting up buildings with solar junction box.

        Every coin has two sides. BIPV has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are just the follows. First it is a kind of green energy with pollution. There is no side effect to ecosystem. It is also a recyclable energy. We have enough of it. Second it can save space with taking too much room. The sets are often put on the roof or wall of the building. This is very important for the city whose land is very expensive. Third it has the function of building energy conservation. The smart junction box absorb the power of the sun and make it into electricity, which great decreases the temperature of outside of the buildings and the pressure of the air conditioner inside. It has the function of energy conservation and emission reduction.

        smart junction box

        However, it also has some problems. First the high cost of making and high requirement of technique and material make it difficult to be used widely. Second high cost of the sets is also a problem. The cost of making power by solar system is more than other common ways. Third the solar system is not very stable. It can be influenced by weather. Because the sun can not be there all the day, how to solve the instability and how to store the energy are problems to deal with immediately.

        First BIPV is a kind of building, and it is the work piece of the architect. The light and shadow effect is very important for a building, and the success of a building is decided by the appearance to a great degree. But the j-boxes are often glued on the backside of the panel, and the j-boxes are very big, which spoils the beauty of the whole building. The architect can't bear it. So we need to hidden the BIPV junction box, and sometimes intelligent junction box is also needed to perfect the system.

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