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        BIPV - An Amazing Building Design
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-05-17

        BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) is attractive and outstanding aside from solar pv cables or panels. BIPV is different from conventional building designs. Previously, I knew nothing about this. After several researches, I think this is an amazing achievement.

        What on earth is the BIPV?

        Concept of building integrated photovoltaic was proposed in 1991. BIPV is actually a system that solar panels are built into a building. Unlike conventional installation, BIPV involves invisible j-boxes and solar cable they are actually hidden in the building. Meanwhile, this helps protect BIPV junction box or cable against damaging.

        Let's focus on this word integration. This word reflects BIPV's characteristics. Integration refers to integrated design, integrated production as well as integrated installation.

        Integrated design – the first task should be done is to design the building, photovoltaic system, structure or others. Next, walls and roofs will be modularization.

        Integrated production – with achievements of modular design, factories start to manufacture these modular designs. Integrated production leads to low cost with higher efficiency.

        Integrated installation when it comes to the building installation, it's a totally different installation. BIPV adopts the modular installtion. Construction workers just spend less time on building installation.

        BIPV advantages

        smart junction box

        BIPV creates many benefits. First of all, BIPV generates and provides electricity instead of using other equipments. For house owners, they just spend less cost on electricity fee. Because of modular design, manufacture as well as installation, this is beneficial to save more costs. Additionally, this building integrated photovoltaic features smart junction box, environmental protection, good looking and so forth.

        Nowadays, there are many famous BIPV buildings standing in this world. For instance, solar ark built by Japan is one of the most famous BIPV. It involves more than 5000 solar panels.

        Michele Puzzolante, a well-known industrial designer creates a concept the SFR (Solar Powered Floating Resort) according to BIPV principle. It looks like a yacht with luxurious hotels or facilities. You are wrong, if you think this is just a delusional concept. As a matter of fact, manufacturing materials that will be applied to make this SFR have been widely and successfully used.

        Economy is rapidly growing. Modern industry is widely used. It seems like our world is becoming perfect. On the other side, people are facing a big issue the lack of energy. Faced with this serious issue, people concentrate on the renewable energy solar energy. In brief, BIPV junction box, also from solar energy makes people benefit quite a lot.

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