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        BIPV Technology Makes Buildings Better and Better
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-05-21

        BIPV is the abbreviation of Building Integrated Photovoltaic, and it is a kind of technology to integrate solar energy on the building. We can say that BIPV technology is a new concept to make use of the solar energy by installing photovoltaic system on the building to realize excellent integration between the photovoltaic system and the building by means of special design just like J-boxes.

        A whole BIPV system is made up of several parts, including photovoltaic module or photovoltaic array which is composed of solar panels, BIPV junction box and energy storing device and so on. At present, a grid-tied BIPV system even does not need the energy storing device, but it needs grid-tied devices, and the grid-tied system is the symbol for BIPV power generation to enter a large-scale commercial power generation stage, and it is also the main trend for the development of the BIPV technology.

        Actually, the grid-tied BIPV system also has its unique features apart from common advantages held by independent solar photovoltaic system like green energy, no limitation by resources distribution and high-quality generate electricity and so on.

        First of all, if the electricity produced by the photovoltaic junction box in the grid-tied system is surplus, the surplus electricity can be feed back to power grid so that the load in rainy day or in night can be supplied by the power grid. Therefore, the photovoltaic system does not need to be equipped with a storage battery. Comparing with the independent solar photovoltaic system, the grid-tied photovoltaic system can reduce about 35% to 45% on the construction investment, and at the same time the generating cost is reduced a lot.

        photovoltaic junction box

        Second, the effective electricity sent out by the photovoltaic module of the independent solar photovoltaic system could be limited by the volume of the battery, but the grid-tied system can be connected with the power grid at any time, and in this way the reliability of the power grid is increased a lot.

        Third, the grid-tied photovoltaic module is usually installed at idle roof or balcony without occupying ground, so it is very suitable for cities with dense population. What's more, its junction box is usually hidden inside the building, and in this way the junction box will not be affected by exterior conditions at all.

        In short, BIPV is an amazing technology for integrating the solar power generation product on the building, and its smart junction boxis spoken highly of by users as well.

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