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        Solar Cable Promises Great Potential
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-07-12

        New energy resource is one of the five determined technique in China economy development in the 21st century. Solar junction boxis one of them. It is clean, efficient and never to be run out. In the new century, government in every country puts emphasis on the usage of solar energy and treats it as an important content in sustainable development. It has many advantages, such as being safe, noiseless, non-polluting, low failure rate and easy to maintain. So it is widely spread both now and in the future.

        PV is short for photovoltaic junction box. It is one solar branch. It is a kind of new power generation system which makes use of photovoltaic effect of solar battery semiconductor material. It can transfer solar radiation to power directly. The fast development of PV has caused other related trades and products, especially the development of solar cable.

        As far as PV is concerned, the cable used outdoors should be decided by changes of ultraviolet, ozone, rapid temperature change and chemical corrosion. The solar system is usually used in harsh condition, such as high temperature and ultraviolet radiation. In Europe it can reach 100°C around the equipment in a fine day. However, rubber cable which can resist 90 °C at most and PVC cable which can only resist 70 °C at most are still used there. Obviously, it can do harm to the whole system and shorten its functional time. And it is easy to lead cable cutting-out. Thus fire and life damage may happen.

        PV Cable

        Solar cable is the electric-beam cross-connected cable. Its rated temperature is 120 °C, which makes it withstand the attack of extreme climate and mechanical shock. Its service life outdoors is eighth as the rubber cable, and thirty-two times as PVC cable. So it is widely used in solar equipment indoors and outdoors, such as solar panel cable. The cable in solar power generation system can be divided into DC cable and AC cable, half of which are the serial cable among components and DC cable paralleled among components.

        Although there are some problems to solve in solar generation system, the market is still active and prosperous. So it has a broad development future. The governments and enterprises in the world all emphasize solar generation and its peripheral industry, and promote the technique improvement in order to be competitive in future. As one of the peripheral industry, solar cable is a flied that has both opportunity and challenge.

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