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        The Development of Photovoltaic Cable
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-07-19

        All the solar cell can produce direct current and need to be converted into alternating current. Optical power that possesses a certain capacity is composed of thousands of modular units. You can imagine that the photovoltaic cable contains many filaments. In the preliminary stage of researching photovoltaic cell, researchers concentrate on the combination of components.

        At present, it's time to do research on the photovoltaic cell. The global solar power market has increased rapidly in nearly a decade, but the pv cable still does not have an international standard. Therefore, what we can learn from should be adjusted, just like the circulating charge and discharge test and so on. Especially, pay more attention to aging problem of the cable because of the exposure to strong ultraviolet rays.

        pv cable

        The photovoltaic cell varies from large to small. Generally, the small size kind of it is used on the roof. The medium-sized photovoltaic is used in the industry. Global new installation system of PV market is 5.6 GW, while most people predict its ability to reach eight to ten GW in 2008. The photovoltaic cable usually uses the direct current, not including the grid connection, system of controlling cable and other connecting wire and so on.

        The following are the relationship between photovoltaic cable and the photovoltaic installation capacitance. MW is roughly equals to 40 to 60 km PV cable, which has directly relationship with crystals and the arrangement and amount of the thin-film module. The photovoltaic cable exposes to the sunshine, or soaks in the water and its sharp change of the environment temperature. Therefore, the users pay more attention to the lifetime of the photovoltaic table. Because there is no international standard, the makers find that there is no basis. So in the process of the development of photovoltaic cable, there are problems disputing thee quality and lifetime and most experts agree with that.

        Nowadays, using solar cable, solar panel cable will be a trend, so the solar branch called cable sheath appears. Cable sheath needs to have enough mechanical strength so as to prevent it from damage while lying. Besides, it can keep the rats and termites from damage. The sheath liquid should own the ability to bear many kinds of chemical agents, such as the photovoltaic cell sheath liquid, lubricating oil, acid gas, acid rain, salt spray, mould and other oil smoke.

        Considering from the investment and repayment, PV cable's lifetime is 25 years, and it is a reasonable request. If using the existing test standard check, it is still not sure whether to reach such a precise conclusion.

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