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        Why Is PV Cable Better Than Conventional Cable
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-08-19

        There is no denying the fact that solar energy has widely served people. Importantly, solar products are closely linked with our daily life. They help people out.

        Solar PV cable is specialized in photovoltaic system. First, you should know what the photovoltaic system is. It's also called solar panel which is the core of electricity generation. In addition to solar Panel cable, photovoltaic system contains several indispensable parts such as solar branch connectors or other accessories. In photovoltaic system, conventional cables can't be the replacement. Superiority of PV cable makes it be the best choice.

        Several benefits of using the solar cable

        First of all, solar pv cable is able to adapt to terrible environment. We all know that solar panel lives by the Sun. Hence, it's inevitable that panel must work at a condition with high temperature or high radiation. Although there are various cables like rubber or PVC we can try, the truth is they are not matchable. PV cable is different from other cables in jackets, insulating materials as well as the process.

        As a matter of fact, pv cable is excellent mainly due to radiation processing – this processing adopts ionizing radiation to help make materials become better by means of changing their physical property. Radiation processing usually works on insulating covering. And then, this radiation processing enables insulating covering to resist high temperature, water as well as corrosion.

        To sum up, pv connector is characteristics of corrosion resistance, longer service life, oil resistance, abrasion resistance or UV protection thanks to radiation processing.

        PV Connector

        Secondly, it's nontoxic. Solar cable is in accord with RoHS standard solar cable is low in lead and mercury content. Therefore, it's safe to both people as well as environment. Just because of this feature, solar pv cable has been regarded as an eco-friendly cable.

        On the basis of previous achievements, manufacturers are keeping creating. For example, a new pv cable produced by Amphenol is designed for grounded and ungrounded system application. This pv cable is characterized by a smaller outer diameter jacket than a standard dual jacket. Moreover, this single jacket is more malleable. Perhaps, pv cable is better than most of cables. Anyway, PV cable still keeps moving on.

        I really appreciate what developers have done to us. Without doubt, solar energy is valuable. But, without full knowledge, intelligence, imagination and a team, solar energy can't be fully made use of. After the popular pv cable, let's expect the next amazing products.

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