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        Solar Junction Box Ensures the Efficiency of the Solar System
        Column:Industrial News Time:2013-09-02

        Man is facing a big problem of energy shortage which is worried by many people that the energy will be exhausted one day. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new energy to partially replace the existing energy such as the electricity which is produced by burning the coal. The scientists come to the idea of using the solar energy to produce electricity for people to use. Converting the solar energy into the electricity requires the use of many complicated devices including the solar cell array, the solar charge control instrument, the solar panel, the solar junction box, etc. All these components must pass strict tests.

        A quintessential example should be cited that the QC-Solar J-boxes have passed the TUV&UL, and only the TUV&UL junction boxes can be used as the connection components in the solar system. The TUV&UL junction boxes are very important components for connecting the solar cell array and the solar charge control instrument. All the components work together in the solar system to effectively convert the solar energy into the electricity. The solar junction box as one of the most important components has been playing an increasingly important role in the conversion process, and it has brought us a lot of benefits.

        The J-boxes have the main functions of protecting the solar panels from hotspots and lengthening the service life of solar panels. The solar junction box has the structure that a base casing is directly connected to the solar panels and is sealed by a removable cover. The structure of the J-box is simple, but it has many functions including arc detection, security monitoring, safety guarantee, theft protection, power optimization, shut-off detection, etc.

        PV Junction Boxes

        The PV junction boxes are able to protect the connection part of the solar system because they have the advantages of dust prevention, water prevention, aging resistance, fire resistance, acid resistance, alkaline resistance, etc. The solar junction box can greatly optimize the electric power so as to improve the whole efficiency of the solar system. It allows the power supply from the solar electricity generation system to be stable and safe for the users to use. Besides, the use of the J-boxes optimizes the whole performance of the solar system so that the solar system can convert the renewable and inexhaustible solar energy into electricity more efficiently to solve the problem of energy shortage. Namely, the resource including coal, fuel, etc. which is used for producing electricity can be saved

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